Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lavomatic reviewed at Queen City Survey

There's a new review of Lavomatic (which sources locally) at Queen City Survey.


Queer Cincinnati said...

I've never been there. But, it's funny, when my mom came into town a few weeks ago, a little voice in the back of my head said: "Lavomatic." Now, that's fabulous and all, except my mom and I like big hearty everything, and I was afraid of getting "delicate" portions that seems to be the food choices of most of the up and coming Vine STreet restaurants.

Heather said...

I just did my own review of Lavomatic - check it out and let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

I ate there a few weeks ago with my husband, sis in law and mom in law. Portions were very nice, perfect for the heartier eaters. No delicate, wussy portions.

vudutu said...

I had lunch at Lavo yesterday, I work close by and have been there around 5 times for lunch. The selection is very limited, which is not a good thing if you are trying to attract repeat customers. I have tried almost everything and have not found anything I like except the burgers. Still recommend it for dinner but not lunch.