Thursday, October 16, 2008

Canning Report 2008

I finally finished up my canning for this year (unless over the next few weeks at market something grabs me or I find some late tomatoes) and my final tally is:

Chili Sauce 7 half-pints
Chile-Garlic Sauce 1 quart
Dandelion Capers 2 half-pints
Dilled Green Tomatoes 8 pints
Ketchup 5 pints
Linda Lou's Sweet Pickle Chunks 15 pints
Garlic Mustard Dill Relish 6 pints
Peaches 18 quarts
Pepper-Vinegar Onions 4 pints
Pickled Beets 6 quarts
Pickled Cherry Tomatoes 5 pints
Pickled Hot Banana Peppers 4 4-oz jars
Pickled Sweet Peppers 13 half-pints
Plum Jam 8 half-pints
Stewed Tomatoes 10 quarts
Strawberry Preserves 9 half-pints
Tomatillo Salsa 9 half-pints
Tomato Salsa 13 pints
Tomato Sauce 19 quarts + 9 pints

I had been hoping to get nearly twice as much tomato sauce put up; what I ended up with is probably enough for four months, which means along about April we'll be back to buying tomato sauce to make spaghetti sauce with. I processed maybe two bushels of tomatoes into sauce, another one and a half bushels into salsa, ketchup, and stewed tomatoes. So next year, I guess I'm going to need to aim for 5 1/2 bushels. Aiieee. I'm going to need a heavier-duty food mill.


The Baklava Queen said...

Go you! :-) That's an impressive list. But there always seems to be more you want to do next year, right? ;-)

chardlover said...

Wow! I've only pickled in the past but have wanted to get into canning for years. Do you want an apprentice next year? 'Cause I'm volunteering!

valereee said...

baklavaqueen, isn't that the truth? I'm looking at the product of all my work -- probably 150+ jars -- and all I can think about is that there are plenty of folks doing 700 and more jars. And wondering what a summer like that would feel like, because I'd love to can everything I use.

chardlover, I'd love to show you how to can! I'd actually like to do some more pickled hot peppers this year -- if we can find some cheap, we could put them up.

BustedFlush said...

You know, it's so funny; if you had told me less than a year ago that I would have ANY interest in learning about canning I'd have said you were off your rocker.

I have just started toying with the idea - but not really; made some refrigerator pickles and pickled beets - but nothing for 'putting up'.

I have a canning kit on my "gift ideas" entry, so maybe next year.

valereee said...

bustedflush, it's weirdly addictive. When I go to the farmers' markets, I find myself thinking in terms of what can be put up. I've spent as much time canning as actually -cooking- this summer, I think.

Veggie Option said...

Impressive! Do you do any freezing too?

valereee said...

veggieoption, I do -- this year I tried to keep it to a minimum because I'm getting 1/4 of a cow in November and am not sure how much room that will take up in the freezer, but I've frozen about 30 meals' worth of sweet corn, 16 of apple compote, and several quarts of berries. Plus I make a lot of stock that goes into the freezer, mostly chicken and beef stock with some turkey and ham. I'm also going to put 12 pounds of seafood sausage into the freezer today, but of course that's not local. :D

CityKin said...

Wow, I am so jealous. We have canned a few things here and there, and it is so rewarding.