Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Not Too Early to Think About a 2009 CSA

If you're thinking next year might be the year to join a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA), you should probably be investigating now. Several CSAs in our area have started taking reservations for next year's programs, and others are putting together their waiting lists already.

Here's information on everything I could find. If anyone knows of additions or changes, let me know and I'll update.

Balanced Harvest Farm
pick up: Carmel, Broad Ripple, and Meridian St. Farmers' Markets
June thru October (June thru September for spring/summer shares)
Full and half shares available.
Spring/summer shares (17 weeks) and full season shares (22 weeks) available.
Accepting applications now for the 2009 program.

Bluebird Hills Farm
pick up: farm in Springfield, OH, or pickup locations in Yellow Springs, Dayton, Clayton, Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Lebanon, Kettering, Centerville, Tipp City, West Chester
May/June thru October
2009 application will be available in January.

Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
pick up: at the farm in Eaton OH
April thru October (31 weeks)
Monthly shares available; pick and choose which months you want to participate
Accepting applications by early December via the farm's website; join the email list to receive notification when applications are being accepted.

Cedarmore Farm
pick up: at the farm in Hillsboro OH
May thru October
For more information: leave message at 937-588-2195.

pick up: at Grailville in Loveland OH
mid-May thru mid-November (26 weeks)
working and non-working shares available
Accepting renewals from 2008 members. Probably full for 2009, currently accepting names for waiting list.

Eaton Farm
pick up: at farm in Madison, IN or at Hyde Park Farmers' Market
May thru October
full and half shares available
Currently accepting reservations for 2009 program. Contact via email link at their LocalHarvest listing.

Elmwood Stock Farm
pick up: at farm in Georgetown, KY
mid-May thru mid-October (22 weeks)
Three share sizes available.
Currently accepting requests for the 2009 season.

Fox Run
pick up: at farm in Falmouth KY or pickups in Alexandria and Dry Ridge.
(20 weeks)
For more information: Email

Goodlife Farm
pick up: home delivery (as far south as Kenwood area)
June thru October
pick up at farm also available for reduced rate
For more information: 937-212-3720 for more questions, or email for an application form.

Gravel Knolls Farm
pick up: at farm in West Chester
June thru September (18 weeks)
2-person, 4-person, 6-person shares available
Accepting reservations now for the 2009 program.

Greensleeves Farm
pick up: at Findlay Market or Campbell County Farmer's Market
mid-May thru October
working and nonworking shares available
Accepting reservations now for the 2009 program.

Hazelfield Farm
pick up: at Hyde Park Farmers' Market
May thru October (22 weeks)
whole and half shares available
Currently accepting reservations for the 2009 season.

Hidden Ridge Family Farm
pick up: at farm in West Union OH or at dropoff points in West Union and Peebles OH
May thru October (24 weeks)
Five share sizes available
For more information: 937-544-0778

Martin Hill Farms
pick up: at Hyde Park and Northside Farmers' Markets
May thru November (30 weeks)
Currently accepting limited numbers of new members, but space is very limited and will likely fill soon. For more information, visit the website to see how the CSA operates, then Email.

Pennington Hollow Farm
pick up: Batesville and Brookville IN
June thru September
working shares available
For more information: Email

Pickin and A-grazin' Farm
pick up: at farm in Morrow OH
May thru October
Currently accepting reservations for the 2009 program.

Stoney Hedgerow Farm
pick up: at farm in Camden OH
May thru October (25 weeks)
working shares available (25 hours for the season)
Currently planning 2009 CSA. For more information: Email

Thistlehair Farm
(Thistlehair is currently deciding whether or not to offer a CSA next year; we'll update when they make a decision.)
pick up: at farm in Union KY
May thru October (20 weeks)
For more information: 859 384-3317

Turner Farm
pick up: at farm in Indian Hill
May thru October (22 weeks)
working shares (44 hours)
Full for 2009, but accepting names for waiting list. Leave a message at 513-561-7400 to add your name to the list.


gavin said...

I was just looking for CSA info, had pulled your blog address from Cincinnati Magazine yesterday, and after looking at the Grailville CSA info I refreshed your page and BOOM - all the CSA info I could ask for. Thanks!

valereee said...

Gavin, glad to help! I found a few new-to-me CSAs this year, so it was a great exercise.

gavin said...

Thanks Valereee! The folks at Greensleeves responded right away, so they're the early favorites. I tried to join a CSA last year, and the 3 or 4 people I reached out to were all flakes - didn't follow up - kind of a bummer. Anyway, this thinking of food this morning got me doing some research, and I now have a followup that I'm wondering if you or others may have an answer to: Is there a recommended butcher and fishmonger in town? I went by a few places and was disappointed after knowing a few basic things to ask. Best place for local stuff? Organic/healthy stuff? Fresh stuff? I was thinking a local chef might be the best person to ask, but I'll try here first (mostly because I don't know any top notch chefs that I can call straight away). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

valereee said...

Gavin, do take into account that farmers are very busy many times of year, and they're people who tend to be outdoors-oriented rather than desk-and-office types. Sometimes you may find you need to reach out several times. :) Some of those who are hard to reach may simply be busy producing excellent vegetables.

We have a database in the group's archives -- if you go to CinciLocavore and go to the database section, you can search on beef, chicken, pork, lamb.

Anonymous said...

val- thank you for this! We're part of a meat csa so now I am looking for a veggie csa.

gavin said...

Val - I hear you on being understanding about farmer's being busy. Sorry if I seemed too short about that. Thanks again for the info...

valereee said...

Gavin, not at all! It's a common problem. :D

Anonymous said...

Any info about the CSA from the Northside farmer's market? (Martin Hill/ Farmer Mike?) THANKS!

Dave said...

I'm trying to put together a comprehensive list and I've used what you posted here. Thanks!

It's a wiki so anyone can edit it. Hopefully it will stay somewhat up-to-date that way. :)