Monday, December 15, 2008

All I want for Christmas is…

A compost bin!!

No jewelry. No cashmere.

Just somewhere to recycle ALL that vegetable refuse that I produce over the year instead of putting it in (gulp!) my garbage can on its way to the landfill! My husband (bless him!) delivered my lovely black, rotating bin early. Along with a book called “Let It Rot! A Gardener’s Guide to Composting” by Stu Campbell for some holiday reading by the fire! I generate a LOT of green waste and each time I place that in my kitchen garbage can, I cringe. Living in a suburban neighborhood, with manicured lawns on each side, left us with no place to build a bin intended for rotting refuse.

My husband came through with an Enviro-Cycle Composter bin that rotates easily on a roller base. From the operational guide, you can compost year-round, and in the winter, apparently, freezing breaks down fibers readily so you’re ready for some fine decomposition in the spring. As a lovely accessory, I also get a stainless steel pail to store my veggie waste until I have enough to make the trip outside worthwhile! I have a lot to learn – but after glancing at the guide, I realize I need 50% ‘brown’ refuse to mix with my green. Brown material includes leaves, grass clippings, straw, shredded paper … I’m thinking that sounds like a job for one of my kids. I’m sure I can hold up my end of the bargain producing the green!

After 10 years as a CSA sharer, I don’t know how I’ve existed this long without one! I hope you get exactly what you wish for this Holiday as well! I’m going to go peel some carrots for lunch so I can get started…..


Veggie Option said...

That's an awesome gift!!! One of the things I miss since moving to Newport is a compost bin. I had one for years but had to leave it with the house when we moved - it was too big and full to take with us. I'd LOVE to have another one but our plot is so small that I'm not sure where it would go.

I've got a rain barrel on my wish list. :)

chardlover said...

You might check out the Enviro-cycle - it's really pretty contained, and while not necessarily attractive, it's not so bad as lawn ornaments go!

And, great idea about the rain barrel(perhaps Mother's Day?). I hope Santa comes through for you on that! I hear he's gone green this year!