Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chalk Food+Wine Menu

The current menu at Chalk Food+Wine (318 Greenup Street, Covington, 41011) calls out several local farms supplying ingredients, including Carriage House Farms, Duncan Farms, Neltner Farms, Walnut Ridge Acres, Sheltowee Farms, and their own Relish garden. 

I'm really happy to see this.  It's been difficult to know which local restaurants are sourcing locally when so few menus call out their local suppliers, and seeing this information on menus is very helpful.

I had dinner last Friday with some friends, and while I don't feel qualified to do restaurant reviews, I do have to say that the Summer Bean Cassoulet (with green beans and edamame in a broth flavored with pecorino romano) on the current menu is one of the best things I've tasted in a very long time.  I think I could literally eat it every day and not get tired of it.


matt said...

I'm getting pretty excited about Chalk. I went to a chef demonstration with their new chef who is coming from NuVo, and he made something of a signature item of his, which was a pork belly baklava, and it was very unexepected and delicious. I'm also glad to see some transparency with the local food labeling, because I think that can be a really big draw and induce some competition among others in the city that can help bolster the farmers' reputations as well. Certainly something new for the city, and I'm glad too see it. I think Cincinnati can be a great food place, and things like this that can make a cuisine unique to the place can help put us on the map.

Anonymous said...

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