Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Soapbox on Cincinnati's Local Foods Movement

There's an article on Soapbox today about local eating in the area.


Anonymous said...

Great article! Its so inspiring to read about what food-wise is going on in our own city.

So glad to have found your blog, Ive been reading past postings, and Im loving them! I just put a link to Cincinnati Locavore on my own Cincinnati blog, more people need to read your stuff!

-Northside Kitchen

JWM said...

We're trying to sell our VT home and relocate to Cincinnati where I have family ties going back to the 1850's. During a recent stay researching neighborhoods and celebrating a birthday with family, I have to say that the area has come a long way in my lifetime.

Birthday splurge was Orchids at the Netherlands and worth every cent. Superlative food, service and presentation.

We have no local "Slow Food" chapter in SW VT, so our membership has lapsed. Will definately rejoin when we relocate. SW Ohio is greatly underrated as a "food source". Thanks for a great article and can't wait to be a "regular" at Findlay Market.