Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Ag tries to go local

This report from the Hartman Group, a 'Health and Wellness' industry research and consulting firm, explains that even big national brands can jump on the Eat Local bandwagon. From the report:

"In the industry, there is a belief that you can only be local if you are a small and authentic brand*. This isn't necessarily true; big brands can use the notion of local to their advantage as well. There are a lot of ways for a big brand to be local by having limited edition and/or seasonal products. A nutrition bar, for example, could have a nut in it that is grown in a certain area that gives it better taste perceptions."

Just what we need. A Carnation Breakfast Bar with Ohio Chestnuts!

* Be sure to also check out the authenticity link in the quote above, where they answer the question:
"What is it about authenticity that suddenly makes it okay to pursue more fully our luxury consumption habits and how is this authenticity operationalized?"

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