Friday, February 22, 2008

In case you needed another reason to avoid supermarket chicken

In a recent study, Consumer Reports found that 83% of chicken from the big chicken-processing companies is contaminated with campylobacter or salmonella. This is an increase over 2003, when 49% of chicken tested was found to be contaminated. Chicken tested was from Tyson, Perdue, Pilgrim's Pride, and Foster Farms and was purchased from supermarkets, mass merchandisers, gourmet shops, and ­natural-food stores in 23 states last spring.


Liberal Foodie said...

the trouble is, I haven't found a poultry & eggs supplier around here. I want to switch over but even with the database, it's difficult to pin down someone that will provide regularly. Any suggestions?

valereee said...

Hi, liberal foodie! What area of town are you in? There's almost always chicken and eggs in season at GreenAcres (Indian Hill), Red Sun (Loveland), Oxford Farmers' Market, and Hyde Park Farmers' Market.

I usually buy six or eight whole chickens whenever GreenAcres sends them for processing.