Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking Nearby For Food: 1st Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Looking Nearby For Food, the blog carnival of local eating!

Jen was lucky enough to be given ten pounds each of blood oranges by a coworker and Meyer lemons by a neighbor (she's in Northern California, so she has lots of local citrus) which she uses to make and can Blood Orange Marmalade with a Hint of Rosemary this month at Modern Beet. She shares some good hints for folks who are first-time marmalade-makers like herself.

Shannon talks about the benefits of joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) program and shares the resources she used to find one near Cincinnati, OH in Eat Local at Around and About.

Chef Erik, the Chef de Cuisine at Grassroots Natural Market in Denville, NJ which specializes in organic and local foods, posted at Chef Erik about the joy he gets from preparing healthy food for customers.

O'rene talks about one of her favorite local fruits, the guava, which is just ending this year's early season in Kids: Try an Exotic Fruit at CEOmum. In Jamaica, the guava has a second season later in the year.

Ellen gets up close and personal with some pastured cows in Real People, Real Food and Close to the Source, her two-part series about Shelburne, MA-based Wheel-View Farm's Scottish Highland and Belted Galloway grass fed beef cattle at Health Freedom Coaching.

Sharon at Casaubon's Book educates her readers about the Chicken Pax, a dangerous disease transmitted through contact with poultry that makes you want to start a flock of your own, as she did on her New York farm.

Jen in Madison, WI suggests some questions you should be asking about how your food is produced in Who Is On Your Team? at Eating In Place.

Linna from Loudon Co, VA discusses the new Victory Gardens in Victory Gardens...Call To Arms at Locavore Chronicles.

Judi over at Giving Gardeners is also talking about gardening, and especially about the relationship between eating locally and eating responsibly in Grow Your Own for National Garden Month. She's joined the Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign and is planning to donate her extra garden produce to a Los Angeles food bank.

Eden at Garden of Eden Farms offers a video of a minutes-old lamb standing for the first time and searching for his first meal in New Lamb, which she filmed on her farm in Northern Kentucky.

Submit your local eating blog article by May 12th for the next edition of Looking Nearby for Food using our carnival submission form. All submissions should cover some aspect of the topic of eating more locally -- truly seasonal recipes (please submit these as close as possible to the correct season for the main ingredients), your area's unique local ingredients, the current offerings at your local farmers' markets, small farmers and growers in your area, reviews of restaurants in your area that focus on sourcing locally, foraging, growing your own vegetables, canning and preserving the harvest, and many other types of posts are welcome! And if it's not obvious from your blog, make sure to let us know where you are located.

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O'rene said...

Hi Val. These are some scrumptious and informative posts. Thanks for including me in your carnival.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Valeree, for including us in your carnival -- what a great selection of pieces from all over.

Jen (Modern Beet) said...

What a great collection of pieces for the inaugural carnival! I look forward to reading everyone's contributions!

LA Farm Girl said...

Hi Valeree, thanks for including me in your first edition! It is awesome and the stories are all inspiring. I just wish there were more hours in a day but I am trying!

maybelles mom said...

great carnival; i have just started reading--but very enjoyable.

Chef Erik said...

Thanks for posting me in your carnival! I'm hosting a carnival on the 23rd of April. 1st time for me, I'm a little nervous but after checking your's out I have some great ideas. I found you gave a wide variety of topics, gave me much to read about. Let me know if you have an article for me to post :)