Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Planting time!

Hooray, it's the time of year again when I optimistically start seeds in pots indoors, planning an abundant garden to nourish my family all summer. Since I garden with much more enthusiasm than competence, much of my early spring efforts eventually come to naught. I know this to be the likely outcome; nevertheless each spring hope triumphs over experience (see definition of insanity) and I soldier on.

Here in SW Ohio, we're in hardiness zone 5b/6a. That means our average date of last frost is around the 15th of May. Which in turn means we can start seeds during the first week of April and by the time the seedlings are ready to be set out 6-8 weeks later, we can (with fingers crossed) expect them to survive.

This year I'm starting chives, tomatoes, and basil. Chives and basil because I know the deer and rabbits and squirrels will leave them alone until they get desperate; tomatoes because, well, see definition of insanity again -- I know the squirrels and rabbits will get most of them, but I just can't help myself when it comes to tomatoes. I'm also starting about sixty impatiens this year, as last year I purchased four flats and it started to get expensive.

I've also just ordered some wild onion and ramp seeds. It seems odd to be planting wild plants, even more so one that most gardeners would consider a weed like the wild onion, but this year I had plenty of wild garlic and no wild onions. I'd like to have some for next year. And ramps! I am so hoping I have success with those -- it would be quite the bragging point if I could claim to have ramps growing in my backyard.

Is anyone else getting their seeds in yet?


liberal foodie said...

good luck! You are very enthusiatic about this project. I, on the other hand, have no interest in the planting plants. Herbs, definitely because they're easy to manage. If you get a bumper crop, you'll have to share. ;)

Veggie Option said...

My parents always garden by the phase of the moon and it's rubbed off on me. I'm planning to start tomato and bean seeds on April 12.

Gotta love that Farmer's Almanac! :)

vudutu said...

I planted the spring lettuce box with rocket and mixed lettuce last week, I can cover it easily if I have to, I'll plant the other half of it in a few weeks. I planted peas, sugar snap and english garden, radishes, beets and chard this weekend in the main garden. I vowed to get a jump on things this year. I ordered 4 yards of mushroom compost from Bzak to top the flower beds and extend the veggie beds, it was delivered today. The garden is on a slight hill. I use boards to create terraced areas and want to get rid of the boards so I am looking for some things to plant on the downhill side to hold the soil. I could use some cover crop but I am trying to find something edible to put there, any suggestions?

I don't have a lot of luck with starting vegies indoors so I buy starts mostly.

What are others planting, anyone have seeds to trade, is it too soon, what's next, suggestions?

maybelles mom said...

ramps...yum. where did you order them?

valereee said...

Maybelles Mom, I ordered the ramps (allium tricoccum, or wild leek) from Prairie Moon.