Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lamb at GreenAcres Monday

GreenAcres will have fresh lamb on Monday; call or email Peggy at 513 891 4227 to place an order.


Nancy said...

Thought you’d like to know that some local food folks are hosting a panel March 23 on local eating and drinking habits at the Mercantile Library, including Jono Fries of Boca, Melinda O'Briant of Turner Farms, Donna Covrett, dining editor of Cincinnati Magazine, and David Schildknecht, wine expert for Robert Parker. PLUS: David Kamp (United States of Arugula) and Mimi Sheraton (New York Times food critic) will speak on two different evenings, March 3 (Kamp) and 19 (Sheraton). The Merc’s taking reservations at (513) 621-0717.

Blooms And Berries Farm Market said...

Thanks for the update, any idea where I can find fresh beef?

valereee said...

Yes, you can often get fresh beef at GreenAcres, too -- just let them know you want to be notified when they next will have it! There's also a farm up in Darke County that produces fresh pastured beef very regularly, which can be picked up in Pleasant Ridge once a week. If you're interested, email me at listval (at) cinci (dot) rr (dot) com.