Friday, May 14, 2010

Search Engine for Local Food

Locavore365 is like a combined Freecycle & Craigslist for produce, with one vast improvement: it's searchable by location.

If you've got a couple of cows you want to sell in halves or quarters, you can post them for people nearby to buy.  If your apple tree is heavy with fruit and you'd rather give the apples away than let them go to waste, you can post them.  And if you input your zip code and a distance you're willing to travel, you can see all the produce that's up for sale, swap, or giveaway within that distance, along with any events.  I would have loved to use this last week when I had green garlic coming out of my ears and none of my neighbors wanted any! 

Of course it only works if people list things so that other people can find them.  The service started in Christchurch, New Zealand, and it's taken off there.  Here in Cincinnati it's just starting out.  So go list something!  I'm going to go list the chives that are taking over my garden.


Anonymous said...

That site hasn't worked since you posted the story...

valereee said...

Hm, it's working fine for me. Make sure to click on the wordlink -- the logo is not a link, though it acts like one. I'll try to fix that.

valereee said...

Okay, I just removed the logo -- I couldn't get it to stop acting like a link.

Penelope Art & Design said...

Val I will gladly take some of your chives off you. I went to the site and saw your post, but then when I signed up it said it wasn't within my radius. Just let me know what I have to do to pick some up. You can email me at

I hope meeting about chickens zoning worked out! Sorry I couldn't make it.

Amanda Parker