Thursday, March 31, 2011

Event - The Best Way to Buy Meat

I've bought sides of both pork and beef but honestly have never quite gotten my order just right and so am excited about this upcoming event.

The Weston Price Chapter is having a meet-up entitled "The Best Way to Buy Meat". It takes place Sunday, April 3, 2011 @ 2:00 PM at the Panera Bread Hyde Park, Community Room, 3806 Paxton Ave Cincinnati, OH.

One way to make food more affordable is buying in bulk and meat is no exception. It's possible to buy a whole side of quality meat from local farms but what does this mean when it comes to amount of meat, types of cuts, etc? This meeting will cover the topic in detail- what preparation do you need to buy in volume? what will you get with this type of purchase? what are the options in meat cuts? what do you need to ask for and what is standard procedure for the farmer/processor? how long will the meat last? who has had experience with buying in bulk? which farms offer this option? what can I do with the parts I am not used to buying?

Space is limited so please RSVP at

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cooking Class : April 16th

Turner Farm and Laura Robinson will hold a hands-on, farm-to-table cooking class in the Meshewa kitchen on April 16th, from 10AM – 1PM. This is the fourth in a series of classes that will focus on essential cooking techniques using seasonal ingredients picked fresh from the farm.

Risotto is one of very few dishes that is generally better prepared at home than in a restaurant. This is mainly due to the fact that world-class risotto has no effective shortcuts and is never prepared ahead of time. In this class you will learn proper risotto-making techniques and the science behind each indispensible step. As always, we will integrate food from the farm to create a few seasonal varieties of the dish.

The class will begin in the Meshewa kitchen, located at 7550 Given Road in Cincinnati. After we finish eating (and weather permitting), we will tour the Turner Farm gardens. Please dress appropriately.

To sign up, please visit the “cooking class” tab of Laura’s website: The cost of the class is $35. Email Laura with any questions at