Friday, December 7, 2007

DC real estate ad takes a dig at wealthy farmers

We were alerted by Grist to this ad appearing yesterday in Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill, touting affordable condos. (Click ad to enlarge.)


Walter Jeffries said...

Egads! I'm glad I'm not living like a subsidized farmer - I hate condo living! I need elbow room and my neighbors wouldn't appreciate our herd of pigs in the front yard... :) Let's work towards ending all subsidize, farm, oil, auto, steel, clothing, mortgage, etc. We don't need the government tilting the playing field and subsidizing our competition with our tax dollars.

Quim said...

I dunno what the big corporate farmers get in subsidies, but the small/family farmers don't get pooh. I would guess it just makes it harder to compete with the big guys (who probably do live in DC condos !).