Friday, December 21, 2007

Reuters' Top Health Issues of 2008

Reuters has released their predictions for the top health issues of 2008. Topping the list: Raw Milk. According to Reuters,

1. Raw Milk

People will go to extreme lengths to get it, farmers will risk their businesses to sell it, and most state governments want nothing to do with legalizing it. Raw milk -- milk that hasn't been pasteurized or homogenized -- was one of the most talked-about foods of the year.

Its fans say that pasteurization removes proteins, enzymes and healthy bacteria from milk, making it less nutritious, and that the taste of raw milk is incomparable. Those opposed to raw milk consumption -- including health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control -- argue that the harmful bacteria are of primary concern, and that the dangers posed by E. coli, salmonella and listeria are not worth the risk.

The debate is sure to continue in 2008 as raw milk goes mainstream, governments try to make it unappealing and people find more creative ways to get their hands on it.

Also on the list: the 2007 Farm Bill, Food labelling, Michael Pollan, The End of Cheap Food, and Fixing the FDA/USDA. Pretty much an all-star lineup from the Local Eating team.


Quim said...

Does Young's Jersey Dairy, north of Yellow Springs, still sell raw milk ?

valereee said...

Quim, no, unfortunately they don't. Several years ago, they had an outbreak of salmonella linked to them. The state of Ohio threatened to shut down their pasteurized operation unless they gave up their raw milk license, so they gave it up. It's really too bad, because they were the last licensed seller of raw dairy in the state. I think there may have been some issue with their procedures that was likely to blame.

Liz said...


Love your blog, I may be moving to the Columbus area in the next year so I will have to bookmark you!

I can get it NY but I have to go to the farm to pick it up. It seems so crazy to think that different states have such varying laws on the topic. Check out some info I posted on my blog at