Monday, November 9, 2009

Chicken-Keeping in Mariemont

The Village of Mariemont, which currently has no regulations concerning the keeping of chickens, is reportedly planning to consider the issue at tonight's Council meeting (Monday Nov 8 at 7:30). The Municipal Building is at 6907 Wooster Pike. If you're in Mariemont and you have any idea of EVER keeping chickens, this would be a very important meeting to attend. Right now chickens are legal. If you want to keep it that way, you need to let your Village officials know how you feel.

Tonight's agenda has been posted, and the issue of chicken-keeping is not on it. However, given that a city employee told me this would be discussed tonight, I think it's still important to attend. If the issue doesn't come up, bring it up during the portion of the meeting reserved for "Permission to Address Council."

I'll be there tonight!


Cortney Scheeser said...

loved the comments tonight. well done. great idea!

valereee said...

Cortney, thanks! I see you're the incoming Council member I gave the Chicken Manifesto (my husband's term) to -- congratulations to you, and best wishes in Mariemont!

I'm glad to know Mariemont's chickens will have at least one friendly face on Council for the next few years! Let me know if you have any questions about the issue if/when it comes up in Mariemont.

valereee said...

Well, chickens weren't on the agenda after all. Sorry for the mistaken call out -- I'd looked at the agenda and hadn't seen chickens on it, but figured it might be one of those things that are brought up for the first time without actually being on the agenda.

Sandy Fry showed up, too -- the woman is a rock of support for chickens in Cincinnati -- and after I'd spoken, we weren't sure of the etiquette of leaving during the meeting. At Montgomery City Council meetings, it's considered quite all right, but we didn't want to do anything rude. We finally decided that since it was standing room only, we'd go ahead and vacate our seats.