Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rain Barrel Sale

The last day for orders for rain barrels to be received by the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District is Monday, April 6th, so if you're interested in a high-quality rain barrel, act now! Rain barrels are 55 gallon food grade barrels donated by Jim Beam Global Brands and retrofitted by teenagers from the Vision Trek mentoring program at Northside's McKie Recreation Center as a fundraiser and include:

  • Two corrugated PVC tubes – one to attach to the downspout and one to direct overflow back to the downspout drain
  • Filter and clean-out point to capture leaves and debris from entering the barrel from gutter line
  • Faucet at the bottom of the barrel to connect a hose or soaker
  • Optional planter strip to be affixed around the barrel for planting flowers, vines or vegetables
  • Optional Daisy Chain hardware and additional barrel for more holding capacity
Pick ups are scheduled for April 17th and 18th. $80 ($70 for residents of the City of Cincinnati.) Order forms are in a .pdf file here (this is HCSWCD's 6-page annual report; the rain barrel order form is on page three.)


Gavin DeVore Leonard said...

I'm thinking maybe this is the wrong PDF, as I don't see the application here on page 3 (or in the 10 page doc). Can you re-post maybe? Thanks...

valereee said...

Thank you, Gavin! I think I've fixed it -- don't know how I managed to grab the wrong .pdf! I thought I'd tested the link.

Unknown said...

Are any rain barrels still available?

valereee said...

CRMatthew, when I picked mine up yesterday, I heard them tell someone else they were sold out but would be producing more later.

Unknown said...

Hey, I was wondering if there were any barrels left for purchase or if you knew when more would be available. Thank you for your time,