Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Putting Food By: Shrimp Stock

A recipe I used this weekend called for 2 pounds of peeled, uncooked shrimp. I hated to waste the shells, so I made stock. Today I put two packages of 1.5 cups each into the freezer. Not even a little bit local, of course, but it all fits in with trying to develop a habit of preserving what I have.


Veggie Option said...

Kentucky has quite a few shrimp farms, including local-ish ones in Butler and Ryland Heights, although I seem to remember reading that some grow and sell directly to local restaurants like Pigalls.


valereee said...

I saw an Enquirer article on that in September! I was so surprised! But I think these farms generally do a once-a-year harvest, usually in September. They drain the pond, harvest all the shrimp, refill the pond and then restock in the spring. So while shrimp is (amazingly) 'local' for us, it's only available locally during the few weeks of harvest. Or at least, I've not found other 'local' sources!

Thanks for the link! I'm definitely planning to check out the shrimp harvests this year!