Friday, January 18, 2008

Victory in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has rescinded the ban on 'anti-rBGH' labelling. This is great news for small dairy farmers in Pennsylvania and represents a significant win for consumers' right to know. However, a similar fight is still going on in Ohio. If you are in Ohio and want to know whether your milk is produced using rBGH, an email or phone call to Governor Ted Strickland and/or Ohio Agriculture Director Boggs would be timely and helpful. It doesn't have to be long or take a lot of time -- just a couple of lines telling Strickland/Boggs that you prefer to know how your milk is produced and don't want Ohio banning rGBH labelling.

To contact Governor Ted Strickland:
Phone: the Governor's Office at (614) 466-3555
FAX: a letter to the Governor at: (614) 466-9354
Email: click here to be taken to the contact form to send an email to the Governor.

To contact Director Boggs:
Phone: (614) 466-2732
Email: Send an email to Director Boggs


Anne said...

Thanks for posting this! I will definitely sending some emails (and browbeating friends and family into doing it as well.)

So is it true... did I win the all-clad?!?!

PS: I have an address for the Ohio oatmeal source, as well as the name of the distributor. (They also make puffed corn and spelt cereals with honey, and their address is on the bag.) Interested?

valereee said...

Anne, are you the one? I was out of town over the long weekend and am just getting to my emails, so maybe there's one waiting for me! I'll go look for it!

Yes, I'm definitely interested in the oatmeal producer!