Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slow Food Cincinnati

Slow Food is forming a local convivium, Slow Food Cincinnati. The group is looking for volunteers who are interested in promoting local foods in our area.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Vice President (Co – Leader)
  • Recording Secretary: Takes minutes of meetings.
  • Corresponding Secretary: Maintains database of and communicates with members. Works closely with the Membership Coordinator.
  • Treasurer: Keeps the books, files the tax return. (The group is a non-profit.)
  • Fundraising: Looks for way to raise money. The convivium has $0 right now and is awaiting a small start up check from the national organization.
  • Grant writer: Applies for grant money on behalf of Slow Food Cincinnati. One opportunity has been identified and is due in March.
  • Web Site Administrator: Establishes and maintains the Slow Food Cincinnati website. Responsible for the content on the website and keeping it current. Works with all other positions to seek solicitations. (A couple of people may want to share this position.)
  • Membership Coordinator: Maintains membership email list and shares updates with the Database Administrator and Corresponding Secretary. Works to provide added value for members. Considers how to communicate with members w/o email addresses.
  • Program Chair: Works to develop programs & events. The convivium's goal is three events in 2009.
  • Community Liaison: Investigates community events and shares with members via the group's website. Partners between Slow Food Cincinnati and other local groups.
  • Meeting Site Coordinator – keeps an active list of places to meet that are non-profit friendly. When meetings/events are scheduled, works with the hosting group to execute arrangements.
Anyone interested in becoming involved should contact the volunteer coordinator. Volunteers will meet for the first time in January.

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