Monday, March 16, 2009

Work For Food program at Thistlehair Farm

Vicky Tewes of Thistlehair Farm has a really interesting program she's offering in addition to the traditional CSA she offers: a Work For Food program.

Under this program, a few hours' work translates into a week's CSA share. That's right -- work five hours a week at Thistlehair Farm and get an entire CSA share's worth of food, a box of whatever is growing on the farm that week, in exchange. Plus the satisfaction of helping grow your own food and whatever knowledge and expertise you can absorb working alongside an organic farmer.

This is a great idea for those who'd like to eat more locally but have more time than money, for those who are worried that fresh, local ingredients will cost more than the industrial outputs they normally buy at the supermarket, and for those who'd like to learn how to garden organically.

Contact Vicky for more information.


Mark Stegman said...

This sounds great, thanks for the information and a well posted web log.

valereee said...

Thanks, Mark! Let me know if you sign up with Vicky -- I think it's a great program, and I'd love to have someone who participates in it post their experiences here!

Tina Lane said...

I love this idea. I might try it.