Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fabulous Ferments

There's a new fermented-foods business in town: Fabulous Ferments, run by  Jenn DeMarco and Jordan Aversman. They're offering a variety of fermented raw foods from their basic sauerkraut (which contains only cabbage and sea salt...everything else is contributed by the natural fermentation process) to kimchi, cortido (a Latin-American sauerkraut), tsukemono (a Japanese sauerkraut) and a Ginger-Carrot ferment.  They're planning several pickle offerings (also fermented, not vinegared) soon.   Products are available at Findlay Market Farmers' Market, Northside Farmers' Market, West Chester Farmers' Market, and College Hill Farmers' Market


Tree said...

What an interesting idea. I will definitely look for these products at the farmers' markets.

Dhruv Blanc said...

Wow!! I am sure The Farmer’s Market is going to be the talk of the town in next few months. I can hope that the process is healthy and hygienic. The write up is so informative that I can directly go to the mentioned places and grab the things. Thanks!!

valereee said...

Thanks, Dhruv!