Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing Green Spring Forum at Findlay Market

The Friends of Findlay Market is offering their Spring Forum, Findlay Market: Growing Green which will discuss Findlay Market’s environmental initiatives, successes and plans for the future.

The evening’s presenters include:

  • Milton Dohoney, City Manager , Welcome Remarks;
  • Holly Christmann, Program Manager, Hamilton County Solid Waste District: Recycling and Composting Programs at the Market. Hamilton County has provided support for recycling and composting programs at the Market;
  • John Fanselow, Third Sun Solar and Wind Power: Market House Solar Power. Mr. Fanselow directed the installation of the solar electric system on the roof of the market house at Findlay Market;
  • Mike Morgan, Over-the-Rhine Foundation: Green Renovations of Historic O-T-R Buildings. The Foundation recently completed the “OTR Green-Historic Study,” which looked at ways that historic buildings in O-T-R can be renovated in a manner that is both environmentally conscious and that respects their historic character;
  • Sarah Saheb, CHEF Project, (Cultivating a Healthy Environment for Farmers): Organic Urban Farmers for the Market. The Corporation for Findlay Market was recently awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help develop urban farmers as producers of food for sale at the market. Participating farmers will grow food for their families and sell surplus at Findlay Market’s Tuesday and Sunday farmers' markets.
Wednesday May 20, 7:00pm to 9:00pm, Memorial Hall (1225 Elm Street next to Music Hall) in Over-the-Rhine. Free and open to the public. Refreshments from Findlay Market will be served after the program.


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[b]Moral dilemna![/b]

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Yeah evidently they were super busy and distracted because there was this manager/investor type looking around everywhere and talking to them. So I was just about to go up to the counter and say I hadn't paid but then I realized if I did that the owner guy might get mad at the employees. So I just left. What should I have done do you think?

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