Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Backyard Chicken-Keeping Group Forming for Greater Cincinnati

Michael Roman, the chicken expert at Gorman Heritage Farm, has started a new group for folks in the Greater Cincinnati area who are interested in backyard chickens for city dwellers, suburbanites, and those in small towns.

If you have chickens in your backyard, or would like to, join us! The group is just getting started right now, but we hope to set up tours of area coops, provide resources and research for communities planning ordinances regarding chicken keeping, form chick-buying and feed-buying co-ops, share coop plans, and benefit from each other's experiences.


Mardee said...

Where did that cool-looking coop come from? It looks very neat and compact!

valereee said...

Mardee, that's an eglu -- they're pricey but popular.

Mardee said...

Pricey is right! Wow, those would be some expensive eggs! :)