Monday, December 17, 2007

Blah blah blah locavorism blah blah blah

It's become very fashionable to point out that eating locally doesn't always necessarily equate to eating sustainably. Duh. Apparently everyone is smarter than we are. In the New York Times Op/Ed section, this opinion piece from Sarah Murray of The Financial Times. Her conclusion?

The “food miles” concept has helped raise awareness of the environmental impact of one aspect of our daily lives: eating. Yet the potato chips example demonstrates that greening our food supply means we have to think more creatively. The danger of going for the easy target of transportation is that we focus too narrowly and miss the bigger picture.

We get it. You can't just focus on miles the food has travelled -- you have to consider other aspects of food production. Where do these folks keep getting the idea we're all just blindly looking at a single piece of information? And why does it feel like they're much more focussed on that single piece of information than we are?

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