Friday, May 23, 2008

Farmers' Markets May 24 - 30

Here is what you can expect to find at local farmers' markets this week. Things do change due to weather and other factors, but as of the time of this post this is what the vendors at each market think is likely they will be bringing this week to market. This post will be updated as information comes in.

Oxford Uptown

Saturday 7am - noon
Uptown Oxford

Honey, apple cider, garlic, green onions, lettuce, kale, radishes, strawberries, leeks, oregano, lamb, rosemary, sage, basil, spearmint, thyme, marjoram, parsley, arugula, sunflower sprouts, tomatoes, peppers (not sure whether this means hothouse fruit or seedlings), cauliflower, goat cheese, eggs, breads, jelly.

Findlay Market Farmshed & Grow West
Saturday 8am - 6pm
1801 Race St

Batesville Village Green

Saturday 8am - 11am
George & Main Sts
Batesville IN

West Chester

Saturday 9am - 1pm
The Square at Union Centre

Simon Kenton
Saturday 8:30am - 2:00pm
Simon Kenton High School
11132 Madison Pike

Tuesday 3 - 7pm
Wyoming Ave and Van Roberts Place

Back Acres Farm: new this week: Quarter-pound burger patties ready for your grill, free-range eggs, grass-fed beef and whole hog sausage. Beef raised with no growth hormones or routine antibiotics
Branstrator Farms: strawberries, jams and asparagus.
R.J. Veggies: ettuce, green onions, herbs, hanging flower baskets, hanging cherry tomato baskets, and tomato and bell pepper plants. (This vendor accepts WIC.)
That Guy's Family Farm: organic lettuce mix, mesclun mix, green onions, fresh-baked boule bread, and daisy bouquets.
Walnut Ridge Acres: micro mix, radishes, green onions, herb and vegetable plants.

Sayler Park
Tuesday 4 - 7pm
Town Square Park
Parkland and Monitor Aves

Carriage House Farms: radishes, carrots, lettuces, swiss chard, spinach, basil, potted dill, cut peonies
Fresh Flower Farms: lettuce, rhubarb, perennial plants in 1 and 3 gallon containers, heritage flower seeds
Also: strawberry pies, apple pies, banana bread, granola, freshly ground horseradish, hostas, begonias

College Hill
Thursday 3 - 7pm
5742 Hamilton Ave

Friday 3:30 - 8:00
110 Main St
Brookville IN

Rex Rosenberger: eggs, chickens (live, or place an order for frozen), rhubarb
Bill & Norma Rudicil: vegetables, corn meal
Richard & Melissa Putnick: wooden planters and benches
Darlene Kohlsdorf & Michelle Williams: ready-to-eat items
Pennington Hollow Farm: radishes, green onions, green garlic, triple-washed lettuces, heirloom tomato seedlings, pepper seedlings, herb seedlings

Boone County

Daily 9am - 6pm
Burlington Pike

Perennials, annuals, hanging baskets, bedding plants, hostas
Weekend only: strawberries, asparagus, beef, pork, fresh herbs, baked goods, jams, jellies

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