Saturday, May 24, 2008

New at Findlay

Couple of new things at Findlay this morning. (Which, by the way, was really hopping -- we showed up at 8:06am and had to hunt for a parking spot, and by the time we left 1/2 an hour later there was a line of cars waiting for openings in that lot.)

Jim and Pattie Schwartz of BackAcres Farm (currently in the farmshed, but they'll be moving to the outdoor stalls once Turner Farms starts attending market) are carrying farmstead cheeses (cheeses made at the dairy farm) from their cheesemaking mentor, Canal Junction Farmstead Cheese from Defiance. They had four cheeses with them today and were offering samples, and this is good cheese. Jim and Pattie are planning to make their own raw milk farmstead cheese as soon as they can get that ball rolling, so this was their way of introducing farmstead cheese to their customers.

And Michael Brown of Just Cured was there with his delicious European-Style Smoked Salmon. He was handing out samples, too, and the texture of this stuff is like butter. He uses EU-certified organically raised salmon from a producer dedicated to sustainable aquaculture. He's going to be distributing the salmon at Findlay through Luken's.


Michael said...

Thank you for the kind words -- and for stopping by and visiting this morning.


Cin Twin1 said...

I sampled some of the salmon last time was there, and have been craving some since....I went by Biggs to get some and I refuse to pay that amount for grocery store smoked salmon. Believe me, Michael, I will be back this weekend to get some of yours, and maybe sample some of your homemade bread too!

valereee said...

CinTwin1, better arrive early! He ran out last weekend!