Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fresh chicken at GreenAcres Friday

GreenAcres in Indian Hill, which raises pastured chickens, turkeys, and beef, will have fresh chicken arriving Friday, May 9th. Whole roasters are $3.25/lb, cut-up whole chickens $3.50/lb. Email Peggy or call her at 513 891 4227 to have some put aside for you.


WestEnder said...

Somewhat related... did you catch this story about the virtual farmers market set up by CWRU students to get local foods to area restaurants?

That could totally work here.

valereee said...

Wow, that is very cool. You're right, it could easily work here.

liberal foodie said...

Val, thank you for the tips. Those questions are helpful. I rarely ask questions because I don't know how to start up a conversation; hopefully this season that'll change.

The link for CWRU students is amazing. I would love to have something like that established here in Cincinnati. hmmmm, wheels turning. maybe if others are interested, we could work together in finding out the interests of restaurant owners/chefs and farmers.

Bianca said...

Thanks Valeree - I'm going to pick up my very first local/fresh chicken on Monday! So exciting :-D