Thursday, May 22, 2008

NuVo serving Garden of Eden lamb

Eden over at Garden of Eden says Mark Bodenstein of NuVo in Florence is buying 15 racks of pastured lamb each week from her farm.

Mark, chef and owner of NuVo, posted this to the Cincinnati Local Foods Group recently:

I am on a mission to be one of the only restaurants not only in Northern KY but the Greater Cincinnati area to be 100% local supported through farms and sustainable foods. I am currently working with a handful of farms to deliver me things such as produce, meats, dairy, cheeses and whatever else I can get my hands on locally, as well as working with the local FFA to get them to grow some things for us. We are currently working on a roof top garden and that should be completed hopefullly by the spring of next year. I shop locally at all the markets on a daily basis as well.

Add that to Polly Campbell's recent review of the newly opened restaurant:

This is one of the nicest surprises I've ever had reviewing restaurants.
I'm thinking it's time to head down to Florence, y'all!

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